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Jan 20, 2018

SA-5 amplifiers ethernet no speaker found

I have 3 SA-5 amplifiers that were working fine on my network via ethernet until i changed my network switch - now they are no longer connected and i cannot reconnect via the soundtouch app.  i have reset them but still nothing.  when i connect the usb cable they are found.  any suggestions please.

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: SA-5 amplifiers ethernet no speaker found

Hi rgandlw,


Sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your setup.


What brand/model switch did you change over to?  Is it a managed or unmanaged switch?


Can you try removing the SA-5 systems from the SoundTouch app, and re-adding them?

Do the network activity lights light up on the switch and also on the SA-5 ethernet ports?


Let me know so we can get this resolved for you.


Best Regards,

Brandon - Bose Support