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Jun 28, 2016

SA4 system fresh start

I would like to know why deezer no longer works, I get a 6113 code and cannot connect. I have tried everything I can think of. Is there a way to delete all current account settings and saved apps and start over fresh?
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May 16, 2016

Re: SA4 system fresh start

Hi irv,
Many apologies that you are experiencing this issue. I’d like to gather a little more information and see if some Deezer specific troubleshooting can help before we try to delete everything and start fresh.
Do internet radio streams work normally through your SA-4?
Can you see if this error code appears when you using the SoundTouch app on both a computer and mobile device?
Are you getting a solid white light on the SoundTouch adapter?
Can you access your Deezer account from either a mobile device or computer and see if music plays normally?
Are you still using a Deezer Premium + account? Or has your account type changed? If you have upgraded your account it could take up to 18 hours for this change to take affect.
Can we try to remove and re-add the Deezer account?

  1. In the app, click EXPLORE > SETTINGS > Music Services.
  2. Select the service that is not working as expected.
  4. To re-add the account, reselect the service.
  5. Select ADD ACCOUNT and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can we try to remove and re-add the SA-4 to your SoundTouch account?

  1. In the app, click EXPLORE > SETTINGS > System settings
  2. Click on the system to be removed. The System Details screen will appear
  3. Click REMOVE SYSTEM. A message confirming this action will appear
  4. Click REMOVE to confirm the removal of the system from the account
  5. Click on the EXPLORE handle
  6. Click "SETTINGS"
  7. Click "System settings"
  8. Click "ADD SYSTEM"
  10. The network searches for the system
  11. Follow the guided instructions in the app

Can you try to power cycle your computer, the SA-4 and your router?
What is the make and model of your router?
Please let us know if these steps don’t work so we can further assist you.
Thank you