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Mar 17, 2017

ST 20 II losing connection



I been in contact with Bose Technical support, sent in my ST 20 and still facing connection issues.


I have 6 ST systems at home.

-2 ST 10

-1 ST Portable

- 1 ST 30 III

- 1 ST Wireless Link

- 1 ST 20 II


My ST 20 constantly loses connection to the router. All other 5 STs are fine. I send it to Bose in Belgium for repairs but still the same after getting it back. Email and replied to Bose Technical support in Sweden. No replies or follow up. Told me to wait for the new firmware upgrade and I did. All ST on lastest firmware. It cannot be my router or wireless is having isses since all other ST are working fine. 


Can anyone in Bose help?

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May 16, 2016

Re: ST 20 II losing connection

Hi vandrew75, 


Just to make sure the router isn't exceeding its capacity, can you try to unplug the ST30 and see if the 20 still has the same issue? If it does, either there's an issue in the 20 itself or something in it's neighboring vicinity is causing interference. Can you possibly swap the locations of the 20 and the 30 to see if the issue follows the location or the system? If it follows the system, I would advise re-contacting our support team HERE to have it come back for a second time in. 


Thank you