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Jan 19, 2016

ST 520 issue

Hi there,
         I have ST 520 and it has very peculiar issue since the day one we installed. The ST adaptor set up done initially through my android device. The problem is, as soon as my phone locked while playing music, system disappears from network. Once I unlock my phone I have to re set it up to make it work. I have also tried using my laptop but as soon as I open other pages same problem with again. Till now I was thinking could be software issue so I updated software and also checked with laptop. Need support before I make any judgement and feel heart broken.

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Sep 11, 2014

Re: ST 520 issue

Hi Avii,
The Wi-Fi setup process for your system should only need to be performed once. Once finished you can check the Wi-Fi LED on the back of the SoundTouch adapter to confirm connection. As long as that light shows solid white, your system is connected to the network.
If your phone or computer are unable to detect the speaker after a certain amount of time, we'll need to look a bit deeper into what is causing the communication difficulty. Can you let us know:

  1. The brand and model # of the router you are using 
  2. Do you have any secondary Wi-Fi access points? (Extenders, repeaters, power line adapters etc.
  3. When this happens next, try unplugging power to the Bose system for 30 seconds to reset. Does the system show back up in the app after this reset?

Let us know.