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Apr 12, 2019

ST app user interface experiences



After about a year of using the ST App id like to share my experience in hope of some sort of improvement in the future. As the current situation is quite frustrating, I payed premium price for a half baked product.


The "now playing" window and player interface is lacking some most basic functions:

-Fast forward and fast rewind, skipping trough the timeline with a click, or scratching the timeline indicator. 

-The display only shows the title of the song that is currently playing. Given that we have "next" and "previous" buttons. We should see the whole playlist, so we know what song is next, or if we need to skip three songs to get to the one we are looking for.

-"More info" button opens a window that displays the exact same information that is show in the "now playing" window. Rather than getting more information, like technical specifics for instance. We Instead loose the speaker window as the window opens right over it.


The general graphic design is "empty"

-The speaker selection window should really be a menu. How frustrating is it to slide trough pages when one has many ST devices? I have two and wish for a more direct way to select a different speaker.

-The music library is displayed as a list of titles, rather than thumbnails with photos. Visually it would make a big the difference if the metadata was also displayed.

-My library from Plex shows the option to browse photos and videos but doesn't show the playlist's. It even sends a .jpg file  to the ST speaker, and guess what!


Some basic group functions are missing

-Speaker grouping is forgotten after shutdown and needs to be programmed every single time. There are no "group presets" that one could save and load. How much fun is setting up every time, if one owns 10 ST devices?

-the 6 presets are tied to the user account rather than an individual speakers. Meaning that its not possible to set presets according to the room where the ST is, like in my sons room I set his stories and bed time music, in the kitchen the radio stations and in my bedroom my morning and good night music. Its just 6 presets no matter how many speakers there are in the system.

-switching off one speaker, while grouped, will switch all the group off rather than just that device. This is sometimes useful, but limiting. We could have a double press of the off switch that shuts down the whole group and a single press shuts down just that device. Right now the only way to shutdown just one speaker in a group is to pull the socket!




Re: ST app user interface experiences

Hello LukaD, 


Thank you so much for taking the time to give us constructive criticism on our SoundTouch app. 


I will ensure to pass this feedback onto the team for reference when creating app updates. 


Customer feedback is vital to us meeting consumer needs, and we always welcome users to give us feedback on our products. 


Have a super day! 


Kind Regards, 

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Oct 25, 2016

Re: ST app user interface experiences

Our Mod seems to be new at Bose or extremely optimistic. All issues are well known for years and communicated exhaustingly! ( At least since I have bought my first device 2017).

Anyway, we have to take potluck and see what we get!


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Jul 25, 2020

Soundtouch App Fast Forward/ Scrubbing?

I'm I correct that the Soundtouch App is not supporting within track Fast Forward/ Scrubbing function, this even in 2020, although the issue was raised five years ago? I bought a Sony SRS-X77 around four years ago and the Music Center App has no issues in that department. I cannot think of any valid reasons developers would "miss" this functionality, considering that DLNA libraries can be connected to, but something simple like within track navivation is not being implemented. Is it too much to ask for this? And I thought the lack of (working) windows "cast to" (freeze or errors on all my four pcs) or Google Home integration was bad enough (German Alexa Skill is working, but quite limited, maybe writing my own skill here) when testing my newly bought ST20 yesterday ... The Bluetooth option is not a workaround for me as I don't want to make my mobilephone a streaming device that the ST20 should be, also it is a waste of battery, resources and options (maybe I am doing a call on Bluetooth while in need of scrubbing my NAS provided track?). Also I get worse quality via Bluetooth on top of creating another athermal EMF source to behold. So bluetooth legacy workaround is not a solution, developers enabling the more than basic option is.