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Nov 10, 2017

ST10 speakers drop off and cut out

I just bought this system and spent hours setting it up,installing it,re-connecting to my network, trying to stream through Bluetooth, and the speakers still cut out. one of them is always dropping off, it doesn’t matter which one or whether I’m using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. I debated going with Sonos for a home system but chose Bose due to their reputation, I think I was wrong on this one.
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Dec 5, 2016

Re: ST10 speakers drop off and cut out

Hi Jenbak,


Sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having.


Which SoundTouch systems do you have?  You say they drop out on both BT and Wi-Fi?


What kind of router are you using?  Is there a lot of interference in the area, maybe caused by other houses or apartments nearby?  Do you have the speakers set up in Stereo mode?


If you go into the SoundTouch app and go to Settings>About>[your speaker], what are the RSSI values for each speaker?