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Dec 10, 2015

ST10 will not connect via bluetooth

Despite showing the flashing blue light for BT neither my iphone nor my ASUS laptop can find the system. I bought this SoundTouch 10 system specifally to be my only speaker supporting my Asus laptop and iphone to play music itunes on laptop, stream youtube from laptop and listen to catch up radio from my phone and so friends family could connect when round. I signed up for the Deezer free trial and that is playing great thru the wifi but will NOT play from my pc or phone due to this bluetooth issue. 
The phone Bose app is a tad clunky and I could live with that BUT the bluetooth issue means I might be heading back to Curry's!!
I have wasted hours now rebooting both devices, clearing pairing listsetc
All suggestion gratefully received!
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Jul 14, 2015

Re: ST10 will not connect via bluetooth

Sorry to hear the speaker is not connecting with Bluetooth to your iPhone or computer. I would recommend trying the steps below to see if you can get the speaker to connect. 
Reset the speaker first:
Turn off the speaker off.
Unplug the product's power cord from the power outlet for 1 minute.
Reconnect the power cord. A "beep-boop" uptone should sound within 10 seconds indicating the system is receiving power.
Then try the following steps:
Turn the system is on
Press and hold the Bluetooth|AUX button at the same time for about 13 seconds
The system will emit a 'bee-boop' tone, then the button can then be released
The system will enter discoverable mode after this step.
Next try to pair the device in the iPhones Bluetooth menu settings.
I hope this helps with the Bluetooth function on your speaker.