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Feb 8, 2017

ST300 Input - HDMI vs Opical

I currently have my ST300 connect via Optical, for the run I've use a 100ft optical cable, I understand I can expect to get better audio using the HDMI ARC, I was worried the 100ft run would be aproblem so I bought a Smartooo LKV378 HDMI Extender over Optical Fiber.

I have the speaker "behind us" with the VI300 on the sides.. Due the configuration I have make the long run to get where I want the speakers..

I dont hear any/low audio on the VI300, I'm hopping the HDMI ARC will perform better, has anyone tested between the to inputs.


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Oct 16, 2016

Re: ST300 Input - HDMI vs Opical

The VI300 speaks are named "virtually invisible for a reason -- cause they are.


Taking mine back for full refund.  Probably going to take back the soundbar and bass as well.


EXRETEMLY disappointed in this product!!!