ST300 Treble settings

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ST300 Treble settings

Dear Bose and Community members,


As I have seen some of the posts in the forums that there is no Treble option in ST300. I couldnt find a response from BOSE directly mentioning the same that there is "NO" Treble setting mode for the ST300.


Request you to confirm that yes, "Treble" setting is not present. Also, if this is inbuilt, please let me know the range at which Treble is preset (or preconfigured)?





Re: ST300 Treble settings

Hi Pranayesh


Thanks for writing in!


Correct, there are no treble settings in the SoundTouch 300 soundbar.


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Tony A - Community Support 

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Re: ST300 Treble settings

I love Bose but am very very disappointed there is no way to turn down treble in my soundbar. What were you guys thinking?!?!?