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Jan 18, 2016

ST525 - can it learn a remote

The auto setup doesn't work at all, it told me to press the power button on my set top remote and says that it found the right remote settings. In the end, only the power button works.
If my set top manufacturer is not listed in the list under manual remote setup, is there a way for the Bose remote to learn each of the key buttons?
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: ST525 - can it learn a remote

Hi Augus,

The Remote for the Lifestyle SoundTouch 525 is not a universal learning device and does not have the ability to learn individual commands. The automatic setup is meant to help you find the closest match within our code database. However in some unusual cases the most similar code will have partial or minimal functionality.
If the brand of your device is not listed in the Manual Remote Setup screen then we may not be able to effectively control this device using your Lifestyle remote.
We apologize that a better answer is not available here.