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Mar 16, 2018

Salvaging existing speakers with upgrade to Soundtouch

I purchased a home recently that came with sound equipment that consists of an Onkyo receiver and 3 pairs of Bose wired wall mount speakers. The amp is only designed to run 2 pairs so the previous owner doubled up on one channel and has 2 pairs running on the same channel. On top of that the amp seems to be nearing it's end as it the channels cut in and out. So not only is age causing the demise of the receiver but also the load of an extra pair of speakers.


So.... I'm evaluating an upgrade. I want to keep the wired speakers running but get rid of the Onkyo and go to perhaps the SA-5 which would then allow me to add wireless speakers in other ares of the house not yet equipped with speakers. Seems the SA-5 leaves me short a pair of speaker connections though just as the Onkyo. 


What are my options? How many pairs of wireless speakers can I add to the system with the SA-5? Is there any sort of device I can add to one pair of the wired speakers to make them wireless? 





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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Salvaging existing speakers with upgrade to Soundtouch

Hi Stuart,


Thanks for the post.  I've moved it to the SoundTouch forum as we'll be mostly discussing SoundTouch.


If you wanted to, you could stick with the Onkyo receiver and use a SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter to send SoundTouch audio to the Onkyo receiver .  This would be the cheapest and easiest method to get your installed speakers working with SoundTouch.  


You could also replace the Onkyo with two SA-5 amplifiers and have multiple zones which may be better for the speakers (depending on their placement).


Do you happen to know which speakers they are?  Is there a model number on the back of the speakers?  There are some speakers that cannot be paired together due to ohm incompatibilities.


Let us know!