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Oct 19, 2015

Searching sportify via bose soundtouch app

I hope this has not been dealt with before.

i have just signed up to sportify premium mainly for classical music, connicting via the soundtouch app. My proplem is that when tryingb to search spotify library I can only do standard searches I am unable to carry out advanced searches getting message that says unable to connect at this time.

Can any one tell a work round please?

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Apr 3, 2016

Re: Searching sportify via bose soundtouch app

Hi Wookie,


Which app are you using for playing Spotify premium? Windows, Mac, iPhone/Android?

What do you mean by "advanced search"? There is only the one search input within the Bose app ....


Have you tried to use Spotify connect instead of the Bose app? That way you can use the Spotify app which gives you much more options than Bose.




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Sep 25, 2014

Re: Searching sportify via bose soundtouch app

Hello Wookie,


To clarify here, are you performing these searches directly within the Spotify application, or within the SoundTouch application? Would you be able to provide an example of a search that you are performing? I tested this myself by searching "year:1980-1984" and was able to pull up results within the SoundTouch application. Also if possible, could you provide a screenshot of the error message you are receiving?


Thank you