Selling my ST devices..... hello SONOS

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Selling my ST devices..... hello SONOS

After owning 5 ST devices for 20 months I am now selling them.
Bottom-Line: Love the hardware, Hate the software.
I didn't want to wait any longer for better software and user-experience.

Bought 3 Sonos One's and 1 Sonos Beam yesterday.
Unboxing and Setup was done in half an hour, sound quality is at least as good as the ST's and the Controller app is awesome. And now Alexa lives here :-).

Only Bose headphones for me now. Just hardware, no more software.
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Re: Selling my ST devices..... hello SONOS

I wish I can do that, I have a lot of money and equipment invested on sound touch, I thought that would be the future and the platform that bose would follow very disapointed when founding out that they came out with different speakers and different app that doesn't integrate with sound touch. I love the hardware but they need to get different software team