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Feb 18, 2017

Should we really compare?

I have been a longtime admirer of Bose products and have loved every single one I have own, before I switched to Bose I was a massive fan of Technics and only ever wanted audio equipment that has their badge.

Now all my audio is Bose from my Soundbar 300 (Full Setup) and single bar, to my Wave music systems and Headphones (This is just the short version, I think I'm kind of addicted).

I to am the kind of person who likes to fully check the kit I want to add out first before I take the plunge and even check out the alternatives. In the case of when it came to upgrading my soundbars previously I had a Cinemate 1SR in the living rooom and a Solo 15 S1 in the bedroom, I was totally happy with both but I was intrigued by multiroom listening. So I began my journey (as we all have) which involved taking a look at the competition in this case Sonos, as with everyone here in my case I have a family member who is fully kitted in Sonos so I was able to see it in a home evnrionment rather than in store. I am not gonna lie the kit is very nice and very well put together and I almost defected because of how good it is.


This brings me to my point, I read the posts in this forum and see alot of upset customers with their issues and frustrations and I fully understand where you are all coming from. I am very grateful that I have not experienced any of the major issues that have been raised here, I have had one or two glitches but due the nature of the type of equipment its kind of expected every once and a while.

But at no point do i regret my purchase and if I was to be given the chance to do it again I would own exaclty the same stuff again.


My Cinemate 1SR connected via Opitical to my TV just as the Sonos does but I wanted the next stage the better connectivity that comes with HDMI and I gotta say now I have moved up I certainly would not move back, I once had I high level Sony 7.1 Amp connected to you guessed it Bose speakers that I stupidly chose the Opitical connections over the HDMI even though it was fully capable once I realised my mistake it was amazing the difference in clairty between the two.


Now I can't say I am totally bothered about weither my sound codec is Dolby Digital or DTS but for some reason the thought of only being limited to just one when they are both included in the cheapest of surround systems didn't feel like a step up to me and for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to be without them weither I benefitted or not.


As for the app that goes with both systems trust me when I say there are far worse out there and given the head start Sonos has had on Bose in this field if they aren't miles ahead at this point then there is no hope for anyone.

I started my Soundtouch journey with the latest version of the app so have no idea on what I am missing but compared to a old app I had for a Pioneer P2DAB system this app is amazing, I get we all have different requirments and expectations plus the fact if I'm totally honest there is even a few things I thought that were standard features that it can't do it works for me in it's current state.


What we have to remember here is we have two companies here one who has been around for 57 years and one who has been around for 15. One designs speakers, home entertainment etc and is still an infant in this multiroom room world and the others soul purpose when they established themselves was to make multiroom systems and we have to say they are bloody good at doing it.

But remember this one thing when Bose finally levels the playing field out and they eventually will which side of the fence will have the bigger smile............