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Hello Bose,

i'm using different soundtouch (2 soundtouch 10, 1 soundtouch 30, 1 soundbar + bass) for more than a year. Sound is good, but there are several missing features. Just as a constructive feedback :

- connectivity : several issues partly solved by assigning fixed IP adress to the speakers. This shouldn't occur...

- why only the Soundtouch 10 can be paired ? i'd love to do it between 2 soundtouch 30...

- missing a sleep timer for the evening, and a wake up function for the morning. these missing functions are difficult to understand. This is a basic.

- the most annoying one : missing fast forward and rewind within a song ! why are we obliged to listen a song from the 1st note when i wish to listen just the guitar solo ?

- missing service : Soundcloud is missing and probably other...

- when searching a music in Deezer from the soundtouch app : why do i have to select if i wish to look for an artist, an album or a track ? this is making the search more difficult and partial

to summarize : sound is good but there are rooms for improvement on the application side. And as it cost about 2K$ to buy the whole set, i cannot say that i'm very satisfied...


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Re: Feature Request

HI duke


Thank you for taking the time to write in!  


This is great feedback and I will definitely get this along to our development team to see if we can introduce these with future updates!


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support 

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Good Afternoon


I think it would be a great idea to incorporate a timer on the SOUNDTOUCH LINE - it would be a great touch to these systems. I know the soundtouch cd radio has it but for those, like myself who purchased a SOUNDTOUCH 30, i think it would be good.



Hello Boselover1980,


Thank you for posting.


I will absolutely pass this idea along to development.


Let us know if you have any other ideas or questions.


Have a good weekend!



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Re: Sleep Timer & Alarm Clock

Sad news, don’t even try to ask Bose for improvement because they think they are the best.

Many ppl including me asked Bose to pick up the game on smart speaker, integrate Alexa, Google Assistant but NO, THEY JUST NEVER LISTEN
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Re: Sleep Timer & Alarm Clock

Well, it's 2019 and still no word about a sleep timer.  This would be a very useful feature and clearly a lot of people want it. Bose development team, I am posting this to bring it back to your attention.  Please take an afternoon and write a simple script that will give us all joy. Thanks!


Re: Sleep Timer & Alarm Clock

Hello All,


Thank you for the continued post and interests in these feature requests.


We can assure you all that we have passed this along to development for consideration. However, we cannot guarantee that all feature requests will be implemented in our products.


If there are any future updates, we'll be sure to share any information with the community. 


Kind Regards,

Joel - Community Support

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Re: Sleep Timer & Alarm Clock

Are there any updates on sleep timers or alarms from the development team? Is there any way we can make this a priority? Is there any actionable update? 


Out of all the feature requests this is a very long forum thread asking for the same thing. 


When you buy wifi connected speakers, you are buying the software along with the hardware, and the software is still severly lacking. Cost of speakers aside, I shouldn't be required to buy an Alexa device or Samsung SmartThings Hub to use objectively basic features with the speaker. If you have an API, is this being fully leveraged by the 'development' team?


PS. Did people actually ask for Custom URL streaming?