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Oct 2, 2016

Re: Sleep Timer and Alarm

I disagree. 3 years ago Bose brought the clock display on the frmware on the soundtouch arguing that features based on the time would come.
But since 3 ou 4 years there is no more réponse on this item.
When you say cheaper i also disagree. do you really know the price of à soundtouch 20 ? I think the price is quite high enough....
I believed buying this bose material version i would have this feature at least easely and New features integrated in the app regularly. ...
I am Still waiting for an alarm integated feature in the app and thé firmware
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Apr 1, 2017

Re: Sleep Timer and Alarm

No, sorry I have no idea what a SoundTouch 20 costs. I only have two SoundTouch 10s, linked as a stereo pair. I just assumed that the SoundWave was a more expensive line of products than SoundTouch, but if it's not, I stand corrected.