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Sep 27, 2017

Software Challenges

I have purchased numerous Soundtouch Wave, 30 and 20 products, all of which are network and bluetooth compatible.  I have to say, as impressed as I am with the sound quality of Bose, I am substantially disappointed in their software.  I am not a novice.  I understand linking output systems via Bluetooth and structuring within a single delivery (wifi) system.  The Bose system seems extremely cumbersome and poorly structured.  At the end of the day... all one wants to do is listen to a good stream of music from a single source (Bluetooth) across a platform of sound systems on one wifi network.  It just does not work, or more appropriately, it does not work consistently.  The Bose online support is dated and not maintained adequately.  In all, very disappointed.  I will have to bring in a team into the organization to fix or explain what Bose can't. Not what I expected at all.  I guess my next step is an Amazon review.  However, that said, for all of those that have their devices working, congratulations.