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Feb 29, 2020

Soudtouch300 and acoustimess don't pair


AM300 lost connection to ST300 and there is no way for reconnect them.

I tried several times to unplug power to both and did factory reset of ST300 but no way.

Additionally, the AM300 led status is completely swithced off (no white, no amber, no blinking at all).

Thanks for your help,




Re: Soudtouch300 and acoustimess don't pair

Hi Massimiliano, 


Thanks for reaching out. I am sorry to hear that you're unable to pair your Acoustimass 300 and Soundbar 300. 


Can you try switching the power cables on your bass module and soundbar? I would like to see if there is an issue with your Acoustimass power cable 😊


Were these two previously paired? Or this this your first time setting up?


Do let us know!

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