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Sep 11, 2016

SounTouch 10 will not connect over bluetooth

software version 13.0.9 - system no longer connects over Bluetooth.
I have tried to connect an Amazon Fire TV, apple, android and windows phones but none will see the Bose (Bluetooth blue light is flashing during this time and then eventually, right hand side indicator goes solid white). I had cleared the Bluetooth pairing list and followed a line in this community to reconnect - turned off Wi-Fi at router, rebooted Bose and then I could connect the Fire TV. That was yesterday. Having turned off the Bose (using the controller, not at the socket) none of the Bluetooth devices will connect today. Bluetooth used to work on earlier versions - I am not aware how to obtain or reload an earlier version.
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: SounTouch 10 will not connect over bluetooth

Hi Paulo111,
After you clear the Bluetooth pairing list as mentioned above, you must also remove (forget, unpair, etc.) the headset from the Bluetooth list for each of your devices. Anytime this is performed, a brand new pairing must be established, which requires that any old entry be removed first. 
Please try this on all three devices you mention and test whether you can pair them successfully. There have not been any wider Bluetooth issues we have seen with users since the update to 13.x, so if this persists you may wish to contact Bose support locally to talk about hardware service for the speaker.  Contact info is found at