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Oct 8, 2015

Sound Delay When Turning on TV

I have had my Bose Cinemate 120 for about two weeks and just started having problems.  The Bose system is connected to my TV by the HDMI ARC slot. When setting it up for the first time I did do an update. Now when I turn the TV on using the Bose Remote, the TV turns on but I get no sound for a couple of minutes.  Anyone have any suggestion what is wrong?
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Sep 22, 2015

Re: Sound Delay When Turning on TV

Sorry to hear about the delayed audio. To clarify a couple points:

  • What sources are you using with the Cinemate? Are the connected to the Cinemate directly, or to the TV?
  • Does this delay occur with all sources, or is it specific to audio coming directly from the television itself?

There are some general troubleshooting steps which may resolve an issue of this sort. For example, you can reset the television by unplugging it for 30 seconds to ensure there is no minor software bug at play.
You can also try adjusting the CEC setting on the console. To do this, press the “System” button on the Cinemate remote. On the system’s OLED, you should see the words 1 AUDIO COMP. Use the down arrow on the remote control to select 3 HDMI-CEC. Using the right arrow button, try changing it from DEFAULT ON to either ALTERNATIVE ON or OFF. Then hit the "exit" button to close the system menu, and test the system again.
This change can often resolve issues like the one you’ve described.