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Mar 19, 2017

Sound Touch 300 Sound Bar

I have enjoyed the Sound Touch system.  I started with the buy 2 package and have since bought the ST 20, 30 and 3 additional 10's and wanted to finish off the system with the Sound Bar 300.  When I play music on the wifi and play all of them together however when I have the sound bar hooked up, it keeps clicking in and out of the music stream and is somewhat confusing as to why this would happen.... I have the optical plug connected to the Tv from the sound bar but don't feel that has anything to do with it..... Any suggestions or solutions to this issue please??


Re: Sound Touch 300 Sound Bar

Hi mwfisch


Thank you for posting in the community!  I'm sorry to hear about the grouping issue you're having, but would be glad to help.  I have a few clarifying questions I would like to ask here.  Are all your systems on Wi-Fi or do we have some connected via ethernet?  Have you tried rebooting your router?  When starting the group, the master system, is this the system with the strongest signal?   


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