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Dec 23, 2019

Sound Touch (great speakers, horrible app)

I feel like this has been posted before, but not recently... which leads me to wonder if an alternative software|app is available to control multiple sound touch speakers (as a group) or if Bose is ignoring this topic.


These speakers are great! But the sound touch app is buggy... my speakers are connected to the network as I can see them connected to my router AND play any of them individually through spotify... but some of them will intermittently drop from the sound touch app with no rhyme or reason which prevents me from playing music on ALL speakers simultaneously throughout the house... this after trying ALL recommended Bose fixes multiple times... software if just buggy and needs to be scrapped for something new that works dependably.

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Apr 16, 2019

Re: Sound Touch (great speakers, horrible app)

Welcome to the wonderful but wonky world of great hardware and extremely poor software, AKA the Bose ecosystem. 

You’re correct, there are tons of threads about the shortcomings of the SoundTouch app and speakers constantly dropping off the network. 

I own 7 SoundTouch 10 speakers and there’s never a time where I can fire the app, hit “play all” and enjoy sound throughout the house. 

Instead, there’s always at least 2 speakers missing (random ones each time). This forces me to constantly reboot them and I stopped counting how many times I have done factory resets, uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. This is followed by a router reset and a lengthy reconnection process for each of them. 

This is the reason why I’m pushing Bose as hard as I can to deliver on AirPlay2, which will hopefully allow me to bypass the app altogether and launch Apple Music on my phone and select which speakers I want to use straight from iOS. 

Why Bose executives have tolerated mediocre software to complement great hardware is beyond me. Why they haven’t addressed any of these issues while competitors like Sonos are literally stealing their lunch money every day is incomprehensible.


But yet, here we are...