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Jan 16, 2017

Sound touch 10 wifi forgotten

I have owned my sound touch 10 for 6+months now and have had to reset the wifi more than 10 times.  WAY PAIN.... WTF is my speaker bad?  Should I return it and get a new one or do they all do this?  How do I determine if I have a defective product or not.  Want to do the product exchange before my warranty expires.


any advice?  Should I be bringing it back to exchange for a new one?

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May 16, 2016

Re: Sound touch 10 wifi forgotten

Hi gnic, 


Does the Wi-Fi light on the system stay solid white? When this happens, do you notice its not working in the app or do you typically use the buttons on top to begin playing music? 


Can you try to power cycle the speaker and your router and see if that helps? Can you check to see if the speaker is getting a strong signal? HERE is the procedure to do so. If the signal is not "good" or "excellent" please try to move the speaker closer to your router to see if that helps. 


What is the make and model of your router? 


Thank you