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Jan 23, 2018

SoundLink Air Dropouts

I have a SoundLink Air that will constantly stop playing but its random when it decides to drop out. The Bose unit is 1ft away from router, and I've done constant ping tests to the outside world and can confirm that its not the Bose to router connection that is the issue, its the Bose somehow bogging down the router to the point where it can no longer pass packets. 


If I play Spotify on my macbook with a constant ping to google.com everything is fine, I can run the ping test for an hour and get 0% packet loss and all my ping times are 20-30msec.


If I try and play Spotify through the Bose right away I'll see jumps to 300 msec and sometimes just nothing coming back from ping tests but usually it will play ok for a little while.


Inevitably though the Bose will stop playing, and my ping to google just dies completely which means its either the router or the internet connection thats dying. Since I NEVER see the internet connection dying when I'm not playing through the Bose, then it has to be the router. I have a new ASUS RT AC-1200 router.


So why is the Bose bogging down my router at times? Is there some setting which needs to be enabled (UPnP? etc) on the router to help alleviate this problem? I've rebooted everything (modem, router, Bose) a hundred times, never gets rid of problem, it always returns eventually. 


At this point I can not recommend Bose wifi products to anyone, will have to go with Sonos if this is not resolved.