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Aug 17, 2016

SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker II

Hi does anyone know if I can buy a replacement charging base for this model? It has ceased to charge and the little pins do not seem aligned (probably clumsy me). I dont know if its appropriate but im going to try anyway........can i use Tidal with the new systems made by Bose? I see they support Spotify but do not mention Tidal?? I currently use the tidal app via Bluetooth to the soundlink mini without problems - any reason to think a new one or a bigger model would not work? your help would be appreciated as I live in the south of France  and we have no knowledgeable retail outlets down here. Many thanks in advance for your help.
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Jul 14, 2015

Re: SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker II

Hi superteds34,
I am sorry to hear the SoundLink Mini II is not charging correctly on the base and would like to help with your question. For the speaker I would recommend contacting your local Bose support click here for information for parts or warranty service. Please have the serial number off your speaker available to verify any type of warranty coverage you may have.
In regards to the SoundTouch WIFI speakers Tidal does not play through the Bose app, but the new SoundTouch speakers are Bluetooth enabled which would allow you to play Tidal through any new SoundTouch series III or SoundTouch 10 speaker.  
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