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Jun 17, 2018

SoundTouch 10 Bluetooth issue

I am not sure why the Bose people keep apologizing to everyone (including myself) that have the soundtouch and are pairing as two stereo speaker.  Whatever i do, the sound drops out, the speakers shut down, or they slowly die out.  Shall i rip the cords out of my router every time i want to use the speakers, or, or maybe Bose could fix the issue.  I am only being this deligent because I really like the stereo sound that is provided, but - how would Bose manufactures like it if while they were listening to their great music, someone stood there and intermittently turned on and off the music or just turned it down slowely, and then shut down?  


I just want an honest answer - should i send these back and expect another pair to work, or were these simply designed to fail? Brian - any thoughts.  Now I kinda hate the speakers, it would be a shame after all these years that I would have to take Bose of the list of sound gear.  

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: SoundTouch 10 Bluetooth issue

Hi gillett,


Thank you for your post, and welcome to the community.


Does this only happen when you have something connected via Bluetooth, or does it happen with other Wi-Fi sources like Internet Radio or Spotify?  What source device are you using?  Smartphone or computer?


Let us know so we can get this fixed for you.