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Feb 25, 2017

SoundTouch 10 does not show in device list.

I am unable to connect my Iphone 6s to my soundtouch 10 via bluetooth.  I am trying to pair this for the first time but the Soundtouch does not show when I search for device.

I have tried clearing the already paired list but it still doesn't show.

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Feb 3, 2017

Re: SoundTouch 10 does not show in device list.

Hello Alcam11,


I have a few questions to try to isolate the issue you are experiencing:


  1. When you are attempting to pair to the SoundTouch 10, does the Bluetooth light on the front of the SoundTouch 10 flash blue? The flashing blue would indicate that the speaker is ready to pair.
  2. Is the SoundTouch 10 connected to a WiFi network? If so, can you open up the SoundTouch application an verify that there are no prompts for an update on the speaker?
  3. Have you paired the SoundTouch 10 to any other device in the past?