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Sep 8, 2017

SoundTouch 130 Remote

Hi all
Re soundtouch 130
During the demo at the shop, when soundtouch button on the remote was pressed tv turns of automatically and take you to internet radio station. It doesn't happen at home. in fact tv still on and sound comes out from tv speakers and bose plays soundtouch radio at the same time. There must be some setting I gotta change . Please assist guys
Thanks a lot
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Dec 5, 2016

Re: SoundTouch 130 Remote

Hello Adric, 


Thank you for your inquiry. I'd be happy to assist! To clarify, at the Bose shop, did you see the internet radio station display on the TV, or did the TV display just go blank while the internet radio station began to play? I ask because the Lifestyle SoundTouch systems are currently the only systems that will display any SoundTouch information on the TV screen. It may be possible that the demonstration at the store was for one of these systems, and not the SoundTouch 130. 


Either way, let's troubleshoot your existing issue (TV continues through TV speakers, and SoundTouch plays through soundbar):


  • First, I'd recommend disabling your TV speakers within your TV's audio settings (if possible). 
    • In general, we recommend doing this to receive the intended audio experience from the SoundTouch 130. Having the TV speakers and soundbar play simultaneously can cause delay issues in some cases. 
  • To further troubleshoot source-switching behavior, I'll need to know how you have everything setup/connected.
    • Are all of your devices connected directly to the SoundTouch 130 console (cable/satellite receiver, DVD/Blu-ray player, gaming system, etc.)? 
    • Are you using all HDMI cables, or are there any other cables connected to the SoundTouch 130 console? If so, what type of cables are being used?


Please let us know these additional details, and we'd be happy to assist further!


Best regards,