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Nov 12, 2017

SoundTouch 130 muffled voice reproductiod

Dear Support

my Bose sound touch 130 sound became terrible after the latest update, this happened before 5 months and at that time I updated the firmware and the problem was solved, now it started again, the speech is deep and inaudible. The current version is 16.0.9. 

Its very frustrating when watching a movie or TV.

I tried factory reset and adaptiq again but no change, turned off power and turned back again but also no change.

can we roll back a firmware update?

pls assist.


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Dec 5, 2016

Re: SoundTouch 130 muffled voice reproductiod

Hi Doudse,


Sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your SoundTouch 130.


When you run adaptiQ, do you hear test tones coming from all five speakers and the bass module?


What devices do you have plugged into the SoundTouch console?  Cable box?  DVD/BD player?