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Apr 18, 2017

SoundTouch 20/30 LAN issues when creating group



I have an issue and hope you can help me.


when I create a group to listen to the same radio channel in the morning, I can't add both the ST20 and ST30, when they are connected through Ethernet. I was able to start the group with ST20 or ST30 or even play another source there. Adding it to the group only worked when I removed the Ethernet cable and connected it through wifi instead. 


My setup is the following:

  • ST30 (connected through Ethernet) - Software Version: 15.0.20
  • ST20 (connected through Ethernet) - Software Version: 15.0.20
  • 2x ST10 (connected through WiFi) - Software Version: 15.0.20
  • App Version 15.120.23




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Dec 5, 2016

Re: SoundTouch 20/30 LAN issues when creating group

Hi Jan,


Thanks for the post, and sorry to hear that you're having issues with Play All.  


This sounds like it could be a communication issue between Wi-Fi and Ethernet connected devices.  Can you create a group with the ST20 and the ST30 (and not the ST10s) when connected via Ethernet?

When something like this happens, there's usually a setting that needs to be disabled called "AP Isolation" or "Wireless Isolation."  Can you go into the router settings and try to disable this?