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Feb 27, 2018

SoundTouch 30 Bluetooth delay is unusable

Love bose and I have a few Bose speakers.

I am frustrated that SoundTouch 30 has an almost 1-3sec delay when played from Bluetooth.

This is more evident if I connect my iPad or PS4 or Google Home to fill the music in all room.


Guys would really request you guys to fix Bluetooth delay on SoundTouch 30 this will make it compatible with other devices at home.

Else I will have to switch to Sonos even tho I am a Bose Fan.

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Dec 15, 2016

Re: SoundTouch 30 Bluetooth delay is unusable

Hi Buddha Source,


Thanks for posting. That's a great question. There is some latency to be expected when using Bluetooth with the SoundTouch 30. You can, however, attempt to mitigate some of that by 


  • Clearing and re-pairing the Bluetooth list off of both the devices and the speaker.
  • Trying to minimize possible interference by changing the position of the devices.

There really is not a foolproof way to eliminate the latency in Bluetooth, but this might help.




Tony G - Community Support