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Oct 19, 2016

SoundTouch 30 Series III - Complaints and Dreams

I bought the SoundTouch 30 Series III.

Here are my complaints.

1. No clock.
2. It is not 120-240V as most of its competitors are. It is one or the other. Frustrating, when I leave Singapore I will basically have to sell this at a discounted price.
3. No clock.
4. No Apple Music (I know this has been addressed, but still)
5. Why no Bluetooth remote at this pricepoint?
6. No clock.
7. No active equalizer.
8. Low-rent OLED display.
Dream: SIRI Integration.
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Nov 12, 2015

Re: SoundTouch 30 Series III - Complaints and Dreams

ST 30 series III has a clock. Make sure your ST30 has recieved all the updates. The clock is not turned on by default, you have to turn it on in settings.
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May 16, 2016

Re: SoundTouch 30 Series III - Complaints and Dreams

Hi vonbraun,
Thank you for your post. The best place to mention your feature requests is HERE so it can get the most visibility.  Rickatk is correct in that as long as the ST30 is up to date, there is an option to enable the clock.
Thank you