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Nov 1, 2016

SoundTouch 300 Mounting Above TV?

Just recieved my SoundTouch 300 soundbar last night. I have two questions about mounting to the wall:
1. I know the instructions say you can mount above the TV - but that mounting below is preferred. Why is below preferred? What am I sacrificing by mounting above the TV? I have a 65" TV mounted above a fireplace mantle, so mounting the soundbar above the TV will be quite high up on the wall. 
2. The placement instructions say to keep the speaker 1cm away from the wall, yet the mounting brackets from Bose only allow for 6mm separation. Will this impact the sound quality? And why is there a discrepancy.
Thanks in advance for any insight people have.
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Dec 5, 2016

Re: SoundTouch 300 Mounting Above TV?

Hi Jamie,
Thank you for your inquiry. Sorry about the confusion, I’m looking into the discrepancy in the mounting directions. The mounting brackets for the SoundTouch 300 are designed to work perfectly with the soundbar and performance will be great. As for placement above the TV, our ADAPTiQ calibration software will adjust for many different placement choices with minimal loss of impact. Even though placement below the TV or closer to ear level is recommended for a more natural delivery of dialog the soundbar can be mounted above the TV as well. If you have additional questions or require further support feel free to connect with our technical service team.
Have a great day!
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