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Dec 30, 2018

SoundTouch 300 Sound Bar no tv sound


purchased a soundtouch 300 yesterday and cannot get the tv to play thru it. Read loads of similar posts on the subject from last year.

i have a Samsung tv, got it working by recycling power and recycling HDMI cables, got it working today.

just played some audio via Bluetooth, and have now switched back to tv, but it won’t play the tv thru the sound bar now. Tried recycling power etc again but with no success,

if the thing didn’t cost so much money I’d have launched it thru the living room window by now!

Not a happy bunny!

In 1963, apparently, the Americans put a man in the moon, in 2018, I spend £500 on a speaker for the tv and it doesn’t work!!

Thats progress folks!!!!!!