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Nov 21, 2018

SoundTouch 300: Using Google Assistant to play streaming music


I have a SoundTouch 300 that is connected to an LG OLED B8 TV and a Bose AcousticMass 300. I would like to use my voice to play streaming music via Google Assistant, which I have connected to paid streaming music services such as Google Play Music and Spotify. Basically, I'd like to play music on the SoundTouch 300 and AcousticMass 300 like the way I have been using my Google Home device. I do not want the TV to be on when I am simply playing streaming music.


What do I need to get this functionality?


I initially was planning to connect a Google Chromecast Audio device to the ST 300, but that won't allow me to give voice commands. Also, I don't think I want to leave my ST 300 on indefinitely.


Thank you!