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Dec 15, 2016

Re: SoundTouch 300 audio lag

Hi DougyQ,



Thanks for responding. There is one final thing I would like to try, let's restore the speaker to factory default.



To restore factory defaults, follow these steps:

A factory reset clears all source, volume, network and ADAPTiQ audio calibration settings from the soundbar and returns it to original factory settings.

    1. On the remote control, press the SoundTouch button
    2. Press and hold the Teletext button (to the right of the CC button on the remote) for 10 seconds until the Wi-Fi, TV, SoundTouch and Bluetooth indicators blink white on the soundbar

      The soundbar restarts and the Wi-Fi indicator on the soundbar glows amber (setup mode) when the reset is complete


  1. Restore the soundbar's network and audio settings by launching the SoundTouch app on your smartphone or tablet, add the system to your network and run the ADAPTiQ audio calibration

If you could please give that a try and let us know.




Tony - Community Support