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Sep 8, 2017

SoundTouch 300 dropping SoundTouch connection


I rarely stream music through my SoundTouch300 so have never noticed this issue.

I was hosting a New Years Eve party and was using the system to play music from Spotify (official app) and noticed the music kept cutting out sporadically, it would then start again, sometimes within a second or could be up to a minute. I also tried streaming Spotify using the TouchTouch app, but experienced the same issue.

I noticed the SoundTouch icon on the bar kept blinking during the drop out and would stay solid, when playing fine, so I assume this is the connection issue.

Anyhow, after the issue became a little embarrassing after it drew attention to the system for all the wrong reasons, I turned on my TV and ran the Spotify app on there and it worked fine through ARC.

Anyone else experience this? I am just fed up with all the bugs, it just seems to be one thing after the other with this product!

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Jan 3, 2018

Re: SoundTouch 300 dropping SoundTouch connection

Hi Matt!
Saw your post and just wanted to let you know, it's a spotify issue, not the soundtouch. I'm really missing Pandora as it worked for years without any issue. I've been doing research trying to fix it and it happens with spotify on other hardware too. Some solutions that have worked for others include turning off your Bluetooth on your phone and/or changing the streaming quality within bose and within the spotify app. If I find any other solutions I'll post them for you.