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Aug 6, 2017

SoundTouch 300

I read so many posts regarding the SoundTouch300 and yet I have tried nothing that works.  The issue I am experiencing is a random and very intermitten sound cutting on and off.  This occurs on HDMI inputs only and not using the Bluetooth connection with my iPhone.


I have Apple 4K TV setup on HDMI on to my TV (HDMI one happens to be my ARC HDMI for my Sharp Television)  I have disconnected everything else on my tv.  I am using the optical input from TV to soundbar and still get the same issue of intermitten cut in and out of sound.


I have tried the HDMI direct from my Apple TV to the soundbar and then out from soundbar to the TV ARC. This yields the same results.  Nothing but the same issue.  Its not only embarassing but I feel I wasted a lot of money on Bose products.  I have the entire setup.  If I could take them back I would, but I thought Bose was a superior product.  I have even spent $50 per HDMI cable on brand new Monster cables because I thought maybe signals were too much for the factory cords to handle.


Also should note to the audience I have already exchanged my soundbar unit for a brand new one at the Bose store where the manager was very helpful.  The new soundbar didn't have issues for about the first 3 months or so and now its been getting worse on the new unit.  How can this many people have this many problems.


I am thinking about connected the ethernet cable but I am not sure how that would affect the sound???  Please help me?




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Dec 5, 2016

Re: SoundTouch 300

Hi Matt,


Sorry to hear about the issues you're having with video passthrough.


What happens if you connect the SoundTouch 300 to HDMI 1 (ARC), and the Apple TV to HDMI 2?  The HDMI ARC connection should be able to send the audio back to the Soundbar, and this should hopefully resolve your issue.


Can you test this out and let us know what happens?



Brandon - Bose Support