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Apr 23, 2017

Re: SoundTouch App Requests

good list, i would like to add following

a acoustimass preset for music/tv

when i play music on the soundtouch 300 i always set the bass a little lower

and when i turn to TV i always need to increase the bass

so a preset would be welcomed

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Jan 2, 2017

Re: SoundTouch App Requests


Dear Brandon,


Thanks for getting back to me - yes, with the new update at the end of Jan, the "play all" feature now functions (though success rate of "play all" is still somewhat patchy - sometimes both speakers work and sometimes they don't or after some time and it is frequently a bit of a lottery.


I'd have one related design query to suggest...if one wants to "play all" when listening to something from bluetooth (for example, a video from youtube), I have to complete the following steps in the following order:

1. Open up Settings and connect ipad / phone to speaker via bluetooth

2. Go back to "home screen" and open Youtube and select the video and start playing it

3. Then go back to "home screen again" (sound then stops) and then open the "soundtouch" app

4. Maximise, find speaker, and press "play all" 

5. Go back (again) to "home screen" and open Youtube again and press play again...


It is very cumbersome -  the issue seems to origniate from the fact that it is not possible to "play all" before you have played something with a single speaker...Do you think there is something that could be done to make this easier? Connect bluetooth directly from the app for example? Or make it possible to "play all" at the outset, rather than have to play something first and then close it in order to "play all"?


Finally, more often than not, I can't access my "song library" from my PC...


Best wishes,



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Apr 11, 2017

Re: SoundTouch App Requests

Excellent list!   It covers most of my own wishlist items:


- add more tone control, or a full equalizer in the app - best option! I would like to set bass to even a lower level than the minimum in the app currently - for classical and some jazz, it is too heavy, even at minimum, and to be able to push up the mids in some types of music.

- add Google Music!!

- add Shuffle, Next and Previouds Track to the presets ( by double-click or a two button combo, perhaps?)

- rebroadcasting AUX input from one speaker to all others.

- aptX support