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Feb 22, 2019

SoundTouch App not showing in Apple App store

Hi, I've noticed today that the SoundTouch App isn't showing on the Apple App Store when searched for (you can still get to it if you hit a direct link on a webpage, however, so it's still there somewhere, you just can't search for it).

I Soooo hope this means that the penny has finally dropped at Bose, that the App simply doesn't work properly. Maybe they have a new app which actually does work waiting for launch in the wings........but after years of ignored angry complaints from 1000s of angry customers with speakers that don't do what they say they do, I'm not holding my breath!


Update: After my post, Bose now have a statement about this at the top of this forum, saying they are aware that the App has dropped out of the iOs App Store and they are looking into it. So it looks like the same dysfunctional and poorly designed SoundTouch App will become available again soon (Yippee). I'm glad I didn't hold my breath.

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Jan 21, 2019

Re: SoundTouch App not showing in Apple App store

Well the Soundtouch App is way better than the Bose Music App😂 I would enjoy if I could get the functionality of the ST app. It‘s rated way better.

And btw: You can find it via search again:(