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Jan 31, 2018

SoundTouch App with Synology NAS and iTunes library

Dear Community,
To play music from my itunes library on a Bose SoundTouch30 speaker I am using a Synology DS118 NAS drive. On the NAS itself DS Audio is installed and I copied the whole itunes media folder with all subfolders to the /music volume on the Synology NAS. DS Audio is activated and running and the Bose SoundTouch App actually establishes contact with the NAS drive and plays songs from the drive.
But: the UI of the SoundTouch app working in combination with DS Audio is to put it careful not living up to my expectations (particularly not if you are used to the look and feel of itunes or other media players). None of the itunes playlists are available (I learned about  the workaround with exported playlists from itunes in the meantime), neither are any of the covers shown. It is also different (worse) from the way it works when using the SoundTouch App in combination with the music library on my MAC, where it obviously makes use of some of the information stored in the itunes library. A fact that makes me wonder if there is a way to use information stored in the itunes files on the NAS as well.
Before I swallow the bitter pill and set-up up everything from scratch in the DS Audio tool (playlist, covers), I want to reach out to this group to see if I made a mistake in setting up the NAS drive for use with the SoundTouch App. Is it really the case that the combination DS118/SoundTouch App does not make use of the itunes information at all? Or did I miss anything?
Thanks for your help!


Re: SoundTouch App with Synology NAS and iTunes library

Hello SynSound,


Thank you for posting. I totally understand what you are dealing with. I set up my NAS drive myself a few years back and had to go through the same thing. In iTunes everything would show correctly when added to my SoundTouch account and then i migrated it over to the NAS drive and had the same issue you did as well. Upon further investigating, I took the time to import all the album cover images into each artist folder to get them to show, whether it was in the SoundTouch app or using the native app for my NAS drive.


Hopefully some other community members can comment on an easier way to accomplish this.


Kind Regards,

Joel - Bose Support