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Jan 22, 2017

SoundTouch Application

The Bose speaker is great sounding and powerful, I'm very happy with the sound.


For the SoundTouch Application, it could really use some enhancements to keep it at par with existing DLNA music software:

  •  currently cannot see my playlists in either Plex or iTunes
  •  I cannot build a playlist either, so playing music is always an exercise in jumping around the app after every tune, queuing up the next track
  • there is no queue either, so I can't even build a queue
  • an interface with an EQ already on my system is needed, or at least a built-in EQ
  • fading in/out functions
  • more music service providers, not just ones that require a paid-for account
  • navigation improvements, the current interface is somewhat clumsy and confusing to use (granted managing multiple wireless speakers with different playback streams isn't a simple task to represent in a UI)


This system has much greater potential, given the amazing power and sound quality that Bose speakers provide - but the software is holding its usefulness back. I fear that this half-baked application may wind up causing the SoundTouch line to be dropped, and here I am sitting on roughly $1000 of sound equipment that won't be useable for long. Please make it more open, feature-rich and accessible (dropping the price a notch wouldn't hurt either, but that's another story I suppose). Build it and they will come. Apprehension and timidness would be certain failure - don't fail!


 - dharmatron







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May 16, 2016

Re: SoundTouch Application

Hi dharmatron,


Thank you for the feedback. All of your ideas are really great and I will share them with our development team. We will do whatever we can to keep SoundTouch viable and constantly improving!


Thank you