The SoundTouch 16.0.x ecosystem update is expected to begin on the September 21st, 2017. The release will be handled in two stages and will include the following updates and more:


  • AUX Rebroadcast for compatible products – BETA
  • “Recently Played” relaunched as “Just for You”
  • Improved speaker discovery
  • Improved Bluetooth stability and 3rd party interoperability
  • Support for Dual Wireless AM300 with Lifestyle 600/650 and SoundTouch 300
  • Bug Fixes


Release Timeline:


Stage 1:

September 21st approximately 9:00 am (EST)

About 500,000 accounts


Stage 2:

September 26th approximately 9:00 am (EST)

  • Remainder of all SoundTouch accounts
  • iOS/Google Play/Amazon app stores updated
  • System firmware files are available on Bose product support pages




  • App: v15.120.23
  • Interface: v16.140.46
  • Protocol: 59
  • Available: 21 Sept


  • App: v15.120.23
  • Interface: v16.140.46
  • Protocol: 59
  • Available: 21 Sept


  • App: v16.140.46
  • Interface: v16.140.46
  • Protocol: 59
  • Available: 21 Sept


  • Firmware: v16.0.9
  • ST300 Firmware: v16.0.12
  • LS600/650 Firmware:v16.0.13
  • Available: 21 Sept




Wired Input Broadcast – BETA:

Customers will now be able to rebroadcast audio from a connected source (HDMI, Optical, Analog AUX) to two or three additional speakers, depending on the customer’s network capabilities  More details about this feature will be posted soon.


Just for You:

We are adding a new feature to the SoundTouch app called “Just for You” which allows users to quickly access music and other content that is uniquely relevant to them or popular among other users. “Just For You” creates a more laid-back and enjoyable SoundTouch experience—reducing the effort necessary to navigate, find music and start playback.


Within Just For You, users can access one familiar and two new categories of content recommendations: Your Recently Played, Your Greatest Hits, and Trending on Bose.


  • Your Recently Played are the user’s most recent content selections
  • Your Greatest Hits are the user’s most likely choices based on the time of day and the frequency of play
  • Trending on Bose are the most popular playlists, albums, and stations being played across SoundTouch users in a given country–allowing users to discover new favorites in a fun way
    • Only content from music services which users have added to their SoundTouch account will appear on this list 

Just for You.PNG

Updated Device Tray Design:

We have updated several parts of the device tray design to improve the customer experience with quicker access to volume control and a more intuitive and responsive interface to create and control product groups.

  • Customers can now see an image of the currently-selected speaker or group on the left side of the collapsed speaker tray.  Selecting that icon will expand the tray to full view.
  • Selecting that icon or the center of the tray will expand it to full view with newly designed and relocated source, speaker settings, play all/group speaker, and power icons.
  • Customers can also select the volume icon on the right side of the collapsed tray to gain quick access to volume controls 


New Speaker Tray.PNG

Improved Speaker Discovery:

With this release, we have made modifications that will further improve speaker discovery in our SoundTouch applications


Power Macros for Lifestyle 600/650:

The Unify menu for the Lifestyle 600/650 systems will now have an option that allows customers to choose one of the connected devices to be powered on at the same time as the console. This is most beneficial for connected devices that do not support HMDI-CEC such as cable boxes, older DVD players, etc. 


Disable Auto Power-Off on Lifestyle 600/650 and SoundTouch 300:

Customers can now disable the auto-power off feature that normally powers off these systems after 18 minutes of inactivity. Some customers have asked for this feature to address several applications within these products, such as unlimited gaming while using connected headsets. 


Wireless Dual Bass Module Support for Lifestyle 600/650 and SoundTouch 300:
This update will add the ability to utilize two Acoustimass bass modules with Lifestyle 600/650 or SoundTouch 300 systems connected wirelessly


Updated Lifestyle 600/650 Rear Speaker Setup Path:


Customers will now be given the option to select wireless or wired rear speaker setup for their Lifestyle 600/650 systems within the Unify menu. Previous to this release, the primary option was a wireless setup for the rear speakers. Those who wanted to connect the rear speakers physically to the console needed to press and hold the “Teletext” button on the remote to see the wired setup instruction in Unify


Updated SoundTouch Source Design on Lifestyle 600/650:

This release will update the look of the SoundTouch source on Lifestyle 600/650 systems. Previous to this release, the onscreen imagery of the

SoundTouch source had a similar look to the older SoundTouch app (black and blue color scheme)


Improved Support for 3rd-party Advanced Control Systems:

Bose has been working with several advanced universal remote control companies, such as Control4, RTI, and URC to improve control of Bose audio-for-video and SoundTouch products. This release will enable the capability of these 3rd-party controllers to begin integrating improved control via Bose APIs. Please refer to this article for more information on the companies who will be officially supporting these integrations and our plans to support them




  • Low bass output on AM300 bass modules: This addresses issues where customers using an AM300 with SoundTouch 300 systems experience low bass output after updating to version 15.x firmware.
  • Bluetooth stability improvements:
    We have made a number of general stability improvements for Bluetooth connectivity. This includes improved interoperability with some third-party Bluetooth sources such as Bluetooth turntables and Bluetooth transceivers
  • Speakers not showing in Spotify Connect Menu:
    Addresses an issue where SoundTouch speakers do not consistently show in the Spotify Connect menu when multiple accounts are accessing them in the same home
  • Audio sync issues in Group/Play All after 15.x:
    Fixes an issue that would have caused CineMate and SoundTouch 120, 130, 220, and 520 systems to be out of sync when added to a group or set to Play All
  • SoundTouch app generates a .dll error for Windows users:
    Adds a number of missing .dll files that were meant to be included in the SoundTouch Helper sub-folder of the SoundTouch application for Windows. This should keep “.dll” errors from appearing in Windows


System Information Screen Back in Unify Menu:

We have re-added the system information screen back to the top level of the Unify menu in Lifestyle 600/650 systems. The system information screen was previously removed and could only be accessed by pressing and holding the console setup button for 8-10 seconds.'


  • No Internet Radio source:
    Fixes an issue that could cause Internet Radio not to show as an optional sourceSoundTouch Controller not controlling some systems after 15.x:
    Resolves a bug that would keep the SoundTouch controller from powering some products on or off
  • Searching by album, artist, or track from some NAS drives doesn’t work:
    Addresses an issue that would keep some NAS users from being able to search by album, artist, or track