SoundTouch Failing buttons FIX

Wistful Whisperer

SoundTouch Failing buttons FIX

Just an FYI for the many that have the SoundTouch failing buttons problem, there is a fix.


My Volume buttons first failed, then buttons 1-6, then finally the power button.


I pulled the covers offf the speaker to find the button board. In doing so I had to pull off the three ribbbbon cables and gave them a wipe, then I reassembbled the SoundTouch again and all the buttons work 100%. So I can confirm that it must be one of the flat ribbon connectors that simply needs to be removed, wiped and reinserted.


In order:

Remove back face

Remove battery

Remove front face (pull out ribbon cable)

Remove side panels

Pull ribbon cable plug out

Pull mother board ribbbon out

Unclip & Lift top panel

Remove and reinsert button panel ribbon cable


Reverse all steps to rebuild.