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Mar 6, 2017

SoundTouch Firmware 19.0.13 - Finally, a stable release!

After approximately 10 days of testing my experience with 19.0.13 compared to other firmware releases is very positive (!).


With a total of 8 SoundTouch speakers I had a lot of issues related to the "Play All" feature with speakers dropping out intermittently and sometimes completely with a hard power-cycle as the only recovery option. With 19.0.13 I have not experienced any bug-related issues still after playing music for 10+ hours and finally it seems we are getting the quality we should expect from Bose products. Compared to other releases I have not seen many complaints from the community, anyone out there with a contradictory experience?


Putting that aside I am still hugely disappointed about the "clean start" direction with respect to Smart Home and SoundTouch. I am still waiting for AirPlay 2 functionality to be available for ST, sticky grouping (e.g. create separate speaker groups for "living room", "kitchen" etc.) and ultimately a roadmap indicating that SoundTouch products will be compatible with Smart Home / Bose Music products in the future. The latter is at least a deal or no deal for me whether I will buy Bose products going forward.

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Jul 20, 2017

Re: SoundTouch Firmware 19.0.13 - Finally, a stable release!


I'm very happy with current firmware version too, I had a lot of trouble with the past releases. It runs so smooth now, it puts a smile on my face every time I switch it on and realize, after a few seconds of doubt, that all speakers are on, play music and are in sync 🙂

Big thank you to the Bose team!

The sticky grouping is something I'd love to have in the app! And, fully agree, that the Soundtouch components should be able to speak with the new products!