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SoundTouch Firmware Update - Starting July 31, 2019




On Wednesday, July 31, 2019 we will start deploying firmware updates for SoundTouch speakers. This firmware update consists of fixes and enhancements. Please see below for further details. 



  • SoundTouch Speakers firmware 22.0.3



  • Starting July 31st with updates rolling out over the next 2 weeks.


Details - Fixes, and Enhancements:


  • Favorites
    • Updates for the user experience for deleting a favorited playlist in SoundTouch app. When “Delete” is tapped in-app, there is a confirm deletion dialogue.


  • Skip Forward for child speaker in multi-room
    • Issue resolved where using Amazon Alexa to skip forward on the secondary/child speaker in a multi-room removed the speaker from the group. Alexa will identify that the speakers are in a pair and any skipping forward command on the secondary/child will provide feedback rather than disbanding the group.


  • Album Art
    • Issue fixed where no album art appeared for a Spotify playlist that was favorited via the Spotify Connect app and used a preset to SoundTouch app.


  • Artist, Track and Now Playing Screen Information
    • Issues fixed in SoundTouch for Sirius XM users seeing the Sirius XM logo with the name of station but no artist or track information and “Now Playing” screen not appearing.


  • Security Enhancement
    • Disabled support for TLS 1.1 or older.
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