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Aug 18, 2016

SoundTouch Internet Radio

Having just acquired a SoundTouch 4 Wave System, 10 and 20 speakers, I notice one of the listed internet radio stations is BBC R3 HD. However, attempts to load that station have failed. All other stations load fine. I assume therefore that the internet radio section is able to provide only the BBC basic 128 kb/s streams and not their higher quality 320 kb/s streams. I should like to request that this be addressed as part of SoundTouch development in the near future. Additionally it would be helpful to be able to set up a list of favourite internet radio stations to make accessibility less tortuous than the current trail through a fairly lengthy pathway.
Many thanks.
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Jul 14, 2015

Re: SoundTouch Internet Radio

Hi voiceedit,
Thank you for getting in touch with us about the problem you are having with the station. I would like to look into this station for you.  Can I please get the following information?
Station's full name as it appears in the app:
Your location (Country and City):
The Radio Station’s location (Country and City) if the station is not "Internet Only"
How long has it been since the station last worked in the SoundTouch Application?
SoundTouch app version:
SoundTouch device firmware version:
You can find the SoundTouch app version and firmware in the Bose app under settings - about - select the speaker.