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Oct 31, 2015

SoundTouch NAS library and playlists possible?

Hello Communty,
I would like to add some playlists from a NAS server to the presets of my SountTouch 10 device.
I tried as streaming server:
*) Windows Media Player
*) Plex
*) Logitich Media Streaming Server
All of these servers are found by the SoundTouch App and I'm able to listen to single songs or add single songs to the preset keys.
So far so good but i have serious problems using playlists:
All of the above servers show me playlists at their GUI (created some playlists at each Server).
But none of these Servers show playlists at the SoundTouch App so I'm not able to listen to a playlist nor assigning them to a preset.
Is this a restriction of the SoundTouch NAS implementation?
Or is it an restriction of the Servers (I guess it's DLNA standard?)
Is there a way to use playlists in these constellation?
Please help of clarify.

Thank You!

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Sep 11, 2014

Re: SoundTouch NAS library and playlists possible?

Hi Florian,
Each DLNA server software uses a slightly different architecture to store playlists. However we can confirm that playlists created or stored on the NAS drive should be compatible for use in the SoundTouch app.
SoundTouch builds its index of available directly from the information the DLNA media server sends. So you may want to investigate the following details:

  1. Make sure that your playlists are stored in the correct directory suggested by the Media server you are using.
  2. Be sure that the folder housing your playlists is being shared by the DLNA media server. Often this means nesting the playlist folder wit the same shared "music" folder on the NAS drive.
  3. Make sure the playlists you are importing are compatible with the media server you are running. (.m3u, .pls, etc.) Documentation from the media server itself should tell you which formats are recognized.
  4. After adding or changing a playlist on the drive, you may need to manually update the media server's index before these changes will appear in SoundTouch.

Note that Settings for Windows Media or iTunes Media servers will not relate to this issue as SoundTouch uses only DLNA to communicate.
Thank you.
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Dec 1, 2015

Re: SoundTouch NAS library and playlists possible?

Hello Florian,
It took me forever to find out how to get a playlist working from a NAS. The NAS shows your playlist but when opening it looks empty. I found out that when you pick up the reader and save it again in UTF-8 format (I use Wincomander) it works after sometime (it takes time to sync), I could even have this playlist as a preset.
Oh and to create the playlist I use Playlistcreator with all option off.
Hope this helps..