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Sep 3, 2016

SoundTouch Portable Will Not Turn On After Update

I had not used my SoundTouch in a long time since it would not turn on.  Then, last weekend I turned it on and to my surprise it downloaded updates and played music for me via Pandora for two days.  Since then the system will not turn on at all.  Tried the remove-power-reset.  Tried the Win10 computer app, USB cord, phone app, remote control but the SoundTouch gives no indication of life.  I even check that the voltage produced by the power adapter was 20V.   What can I do to wake the system?  Or is it dead.
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: SoundTouch Portable Will Not Turn On After Update

Hi OakPark,
The only step to try in this case is to hard reset the system by holding the AUX button for 15 seconds. If you still have no signs of life then we would recommend you contact Bose support locally to talk about arranging service for this device.
Contact numbers for all regions can be found at: https://www.soundtouch.com/support