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Oct 23, 2019

SoundTouch Wireless link adapter connected to CineMate 1 SR

I had the CineMate 1 SR for some years connected to the TV Set through optical input. After a period of doubts to go for the new HomeSpeaker system or SoundTouch system, i decided to go for the SoundTouch.

So i bought the Soundtouch wireless link adapter and start with the existing Cinemate 1 SR.

I connected the wireless link adapter to the RCA TV input port of the Cinemate.

Installed the soundtouch app on my ipad, and the setup was a piece of cake.

The music from the "TuneIn" service started to play, and i was overwelmed by the sound quality which came out the CineMate soundbar.

All these years i was playing the radio and media over the TV set through optical, and it was OK.

But now the music Sounds much more dynamic than before.

I am very happy with this result and also the new soundtouch app is a charm and very easy to use.

It's SoundTouch for me.